Джакарта - Taim is

На данной странице нашего музыкального портала можно как скачать в mp3 формате композицию Джакарта - Taim is, так и послушать онлайн

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Добавлен: 2015-06-13
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Иполнитель: Джакарта
Композиция: Taim is

Текст песни

Time is ticking
And my heart is beating
Let me know you better
I need to love you
To living so confident
I love you ‘till you break down
Wants me high, you let me
I love you like you need
Come on, come

Time is ticking
Rhythm said I need it,
You should know
Whenever trust that
I love you
Let’s know it to you!
I know everything of you,
Please let me give my love,
I can’t reach you there
I always fight for you, so…

Клип Jakarta "One Desire"

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