SIBERIAN HEAT Elen Cora - Just Say Hello Maxi Version

На данной странице нашего музыкального портала можно как скачать в mp3 формате композицию SIBERIAN HEAT Elen Cora - Just Say Hello Maxi Version, так и послушать онлайн

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Добавлен: 2015-12-09
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Иполнитель: SIBERIAN HEAT (Elen Cora)
Композиция: Just Say Hello (Maxi Version)

Текст песни

Feel my emotions, feel my heartbeat tonight.
It feels like heaven when you hold me tight.
Never say never, dont say that were just friends.
Cause you took away my heart - its in your hands.

Just say hello, dont say goodbye.
It takes the time and you will understand.
That I am yours, and you are mine,
And we are a little more than just good friends.

Dont say goodbye, just say hello,
Dont be afraid to go where rainbow ends,
Please stay with me, just take the chance.

Feel my hearts crying - crying just for you,
It feels like Im dying, when you're not here, its true.
Take, dont break me, can you hear my SOS.
You took away my heart, its in you hands.

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