Rolling Stones - Greatest Hits Full Album

На данной странице нашего музыкального портала можно как скачать в mp3 формате композицию Rolling Stones - Greatest Hits Full Album, так и послушать онлайн

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Иполнитель: Rolling Stones
Композиция: Greatest Hits (Full Album)

Текст песни

0:00:00 I Can't Get No Satisfaction
0:03:46 Paint It Black
0:07:12 19th Nervous Breakdown
0:11:13 Time Is On My Side
0:14:14 Mother Is Little Helper
0:17:03 The Last Time
0:20:48 It's All Over Now
0:24:18 Play With Fire
0:26:34 Get Off My Cloud
0:29:33 Under My Thumb
0:33:16 As Tears Go By
0:36:02 Yesterdays Papers
0:38:07 Let Spend The Night Together
0:41:44 Out Of Time
0:47:22 Ruby Tuesday
0:50:37 Have You Seen Your Mother
0:53:11 Lady Jane
0:56:20 She Is A Rainbow
1:00:39 2000 Light Years From Home
1:05:22 No Expectations
1:09:19 You Can't Always Get What You Want
1:16:51 Symphathy For The Devil

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