Rohff - Thug Mariage feat Indila арабские ночи

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Добавлен: 2015-12-11
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Иполнитель: Rohff
Композиция: Thug Mariage feat Indila (арабские ночи)

Текст песни

You are invited to the freshest guy and the freshest girl's wedding
Oriental mode, palaces, Dubai-Marrakesh
Bugatti's, Bentley's in the bridal party
Accompanied by the underworld baby, may God protect us
Fu*k my ex and her spells, let your hair down
Angels are all around us, think about this privilege
Take this €500 bill and dry your tears
Your dress is beautiful, it's as white as my knife
Your husband comes from the streets, his suit was cut by a blade
They already call him Sir, Miss is turning into a lady
You aren't a kid anymore, simple popular reveler,
Overproud and running on nicotine
Trust me, here's my PIN
If you wake me up to pray behind me, I'll just say "ameen"
Want a baby by me? Got to be worthy of it
For the days our marriage looks a bit off-colour...

Chorus (Indila)

I'll marry your dreams Miss, marry my nightmares
Impose a strike so I can escape from the hearse
Before the bodies rise to the surface of the haze,
Time for me to make a bomb that will reach the hole like the black ball
Crows are flying over my past fearing neither God nor man,
I buried my single life deep into a lady of the night
Here's a red rose to beg for your forgiveness if I ever disappoint you
Make me your only cloth, I'll suit you better than silk
Don't ask me to make my choice between my mother and you
Hey, my place in Heaven isn't under your feet
I won't give up on my family, don't diss my friends
Don't go putting your finger where my life is hurting
My confidence's worth more than kisses
My honour in your hands is worth more than all your jewels
Cheer me up, I'll pay you back my love
Be more precious than gold, I'll love you till death do us part

Chorus (Indila)

Married to the streets, married to my principles
Married to my vices but not married to a bastard
Whether I show tenderness or not,
Let me be your only confidant between ups and downs
As soon as we show weakness, vultures feed on it
My wedding ring doesn't guarantee you harmony, but I'll come up to your expectations
There won't be a shadow of doubt, so long as you brighten my existence
Give up on your beauty, to give birth to my descendants
Give me a dance under our full honeymoon
Two stars in the sky, a sparkle in my black heart
You need an open-minded, yet high-handed man
That can get you "Laughing Out Loud", that reminds you of your father
I undressed you of his name, and dressed you with mine
Will you still love me if ordeals take our fortune away?
Sunday evenings, visiting your family
Allaying my mother-in-law's suspicions, here will be the innocent union of our bonds

Indila's verse

Chorus (Indila)

Bollywood style...

Housni in the wedding
Indila is in the wedding
Family in the wedding
Thugs are in the wedding
This goes out to all the married thugs...
As well as all the divorced thugs haha!

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