Rocky leon - Little clown

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Добавлен: 2015-12-11
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Иполнитель: Rocky leon
Композиция: Little clown

Текст песни

all of my life i been a little clown
jumping up, falling down
all of my life i been a little troll
feeling with my mind and thinking with my soul

the little clown i am has got a lot to learn and
if you set a fire then it's probably gonna burn and if
you value life then it is your concern so
get yourself in the back of the line and wait for your turn

no matter who that you think that you are
chances are you are off by far
the more you think what your thinking is right
the more you lose what is real out of sight

i have got to get my head on straight
before my efforts come to late
there is no more time left to wait
i am responsible for my fate


all of my life i've been a silly little clown
making people smile while making people frown
try a lot of different ways to get through the days like
playing in the streets just to see who stays

are you gonna stay? baby woa poppy row
to see me play - baby woa poppy row
out in the sunshine - baby woa poppy row
let's have a fun time - baby woa poppy row

the entire concept of respect
is one i completely reject
i'd rather u be straight with me
then recognize authority

cuz all i wanna do is love
the earth below, the skies above
and if you think you are the boss
then i'm completely at a loss

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