Grand Funk Railroad - Mean Mistreater

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Иполнитель: Grand Funk Railroad
Композиция: Mean Mistreater

Текст песни

Mean mistreater, you make me cry,
You lay around, and watch me die.
Mean mistreater, can't you see I'm real?
Are you satisfied, with the way you feel?

I've tried hard to live without you, in so many ways.
I just can't help myself from thinking of you, for the rest of my days.
Heartache is at my door step, won't leave me alone.
I just can't get used to it, now that I'm on my own.

I know all about you, your childhood days,
Your mom and dad, your pretty face.
Mean mistreater, if you need me,
I'm needin' you to set me free.

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