BBC learning english - words in the news - Climate change violence

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Композиция: Climate change violence

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Researchers from two American universities looked at data recorded from all around the world - and found the same pattern emerge. Their examples include an increase in domestic violence in India during recent droughts, and a spike in assaults, rapes and murders during heatwaves in the US.

The report also suggests rising temperatures correlated with large conflicts - including ethnic clashes in Europe and civil wars in Africa.

The researchers say the link is substantial - and they're now trying to understand why. They believe changing conditions put pressure on resources, such as water and crops - driving some to take up arms.

Other studies show that heat causes a biological response, making people prone to aggression.

The scientists warn that a two-degree-centigrade rise in global temperatures could see personal violence increase by 15, and group conflicts rise by more than 50 in some regions.

But other research suggests there are more complex factors at play behind most conflicts.

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