Bandits - Crystal Cowboy ОСТ Бандитки

На данной странице нашего музыкального портала можно как скачать в mp3 формате композицию Bandits - Crystal Cowboy ОСТ Бандитки, так и послушать онлайн

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Иполнитель: Bandits
Композиция: Crystal Cowboy (ОСТ Бандитки)

Текст песни

I don't care what shirt you wear
And I don't want you to know my show?
You make me feel so nice
Get off your horse and kiss me twice
You taught me how to ride at night,
And quite alright...

My big city smile, won't last that long?
You gonna need a while, to cut my tongue
But instead we try, we say goodby

You are so cute, crystal cowboy cute
You are so neat, so street so sweet
You are a gun and I better run
And I say goodby (say good by)..

Клип Grimes - Crystal Ball (Directed by Tim Kelly)

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