Baby's Gang - America

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Добавлен: 2015-12-14
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Иполнитель: Baby's Gang
Композиция: America

Текст песни

I like to fly, its a wonderful night.
Who's not here more, come on, people, lets go.
Working on dreams , we can go everywhere.
Listen to what I mean and then I will be there.

There are more dreams, I wondered when were there
Now I go there, just me and my friend.

America... America...
Come, come, come to America.
America... America...
Yes, I really wonder of America.

Under the knee in my head and my brain,
Youre like a star. Youre so fine, youre so far.
I can see you only on my TV.
Your magic places and your famous streets.
Youre in my dreams. You are my wonderland.
I close my eyes, I dream of you again.

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