Atomic Tom - Take Me Out

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Добавлен: 2015-12-07
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Иполнитель: Atomic Tom
Композиция: Take Me Out

Текст песни

If I was bold enough
I would follow you forever
but darling please
rescue me, take me out

some may say,
it's my fate
am i just in time
or am i late
if you can, understand

Take me out
I don't start, I don't end
I don't change on my own
Take me out
I don't lose, i don't win
I don't do well alone
Love is what we make it
Take my heart and break it
Take me out
I don't want to stay home

you make me dread
you make me sweat
but can you make
love mean something instead
something real, make me feel

i don't want to stay here
i don't wanna live half my life
and disappear
so if you want to take chances
take a chance on me

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